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Dear Families,  In light of recent events, it is essential to center the messaging this week from a member of the Asian community at BNS. We are fortunate to have a guest writer share...   Read More

Zooming Into Math

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Dear Families: Last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we spent each morning watching a video of Graham Fletcher, an engaging educator who works with math teachers throughout the country.  At BNS, we are...   Read More

119 Performers + Donna and José = Joy

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Dear Families: We want to congratulate our teaching artists from the Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Donna and José, on the most unique and powerful  Fourth Grade Musical, performed on the evening of March 3 on...   Read More

Mid Year Reflections and the Musical

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Dear Families:  In January, a group of parents and staff from the BNS SLT spent time looking at the feedback shared on the BNS Remote Learning Survey.    From the 230 responses, they extracted 5...   Read More

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