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“The Key to Unlock Fun”

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Dear Families:  We enter the second half of the 2020- 2021 school year in a reflective mood, being struck by how much has changed in the past eleven months.  We look towards the anniversary...   Read More

“We Recognize Ourselves as Family”

Dear Families,  “Human beings are more alike than we are unalike. The minute we begin to understand just the slightest part of that, we recognize ourselves as family. The moment I see a fifteen...   Read More

Black Lives Matter at School

Anna's LettersComments Off on Black Lives Matter at School

Dear Families: BNS is committed to anti-oppressive, anti-racist, inclusive language and teaching that values all identities and supports student learning and understanding, both inside and outside of the classroom. This year, we are intentionally...   Read More

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