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The Wind Instruments were Masked as Well

Dear Families: I wanted to take a moment to thank Sarah Ferholt, one of our music teachers, for her leadership.   Thanks also go to David Haiman and the other instrumental teachers.  Thanks too...   Read More

To Be Apart and Come Together

Dear Families: If we have learned nothing else from this fall, let’s recognize that life is not something that we can easily control and that sometimes, we just have to take it day by...   Read More

The Power of Zoom School

Dear Families: In our compartmentalized Covid world, it can be hard to keep track of all that is going on.  But every once in a while someone sends an image illustrating the surprising power...   Read More

Many Thanks

Anna's LettersComments Off on Many Thanks

Dear Families:   We wanted to write about the many folks who are working to help us maintain small class size, social distancing, remote learning and more.  In addition to the flexibility of our...   Read More

“It felt really real.”

Dear Families: As we enter the second week of in-person learning for kindergarten to fifth grade, we marvel at how our lives have changed.  Each morning we gather on our red spots trying to...   Read More

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