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Immersed in Museums and Music

Dear Families: We return to school after a week’s break, which hopefully was restful for all.  Of course, because it is BNS, we are immediately back in action with our third graders doing their...   Read More

Chock Full of Business

Dear Families: The past few weeks at BNS have been chock full of business.   Walking around the building, you are struck by the activity. The third floor hallways are full of children and...   Read More

“How are we going to get it across next time?!”

Anna's LettersComments Off on “How are we going to get it across next time?!”

Dear Families:   On Mondays and Thursdays, third graders spend their recess time in the Big Yard.  Some play on the climbers up top, some play tag throughout the yard, and some focus in...   Read More

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