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Big Ideas Near and Far

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Dear Families: Fourth grade teacher, Cora, and I return from a week long trip to the Netherlands where we shared ideas with Dutch educators.  In addition to experiencing three different schools in different parts...   Read More

“Will it come back to life if we add water?”

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Posted two weeks late – sorry!   Dear Families:   Anna is in the Netherlands with fourth grade teacher Cora, sharing about Brooklyn New School at a conference, so this week’s letter has a...   Read More

The Big Idea of Being the Same or Being Different

Dear Families: It wasn’t on the traditional Wednesday due to the ELA test, but our last Parents As Learning Partners was kind of special as it featured something relatively new to BNS: Affinity Groups....   Read More

Exploration of Passionate Ideas

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Dear Families:   And so it begins.  Testing season is upon us with the ELA being administered on Tuesday and Wednesday and the math exam coming in May.  We do ask that everyone be...   Read More

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