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Settling for Scores. Why are schools still judged by the results of standardized tests?

By DIANE RAVITCH, New Republic, 12/27/2017 In 1979, the psychologist Donald Campbell proposed an axiom. “The more any quantitative social indicator is used for social decision-making,” he wrote, “the more subject it will be to...   Read More

1st grade farm share and science night

Anna's LettersComments Off on 1st grade farm share and science night

Dear Families: On Thursday morning, the first grade hallway was transformed into a living, growing, tasting, singing farm.  Each classroom had its own individual flavor, representing the interests of that group of children. Stepping...   Read More

Are Private Schools Immoral? A conversation with Nikole Hannah-Jones about race, education, and hypocrisy.

by DIANNA DOUGLAS, The, 12/14/2017 Public schools in gentrifying neighborhoods seem on the cusp of becoming truly diverse, as historically underserved neighborhoods fill up with younger, whiter families. But the schools remain stubbornly segregated....   Read More

Math at BNS or What is “base spoon”?

Dear Families: At BNS, it seems as if we are often swimming in a topic. We study places and people, nearby and far away; current news and things that happened thousands of years ago....   Read More

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