Water in Different Forms!
Posted on February 10, 2017

This week we continued working on our island maps and island adventure stories. We have been thinking about how to write the stories in a way that will really make people want to read them. One key - vivid, descriptive language! We saw videos of water, listened to sounds of water, felt the spray of water, went on a ferry to see water and hung out by a railing with a flock of seagulls overlooking the New York Bay. Then, there was a blizzard! (Ike said, "Snow is definitely the best form of water!") From all of these experiences, we have been keeping lists of descriptive words that we can use in our writing as we tell about the oceans around our islands.

In math this week, we had a massive challenge. We had a huge box of craft sticks, and we needed to know exactly how many sticks were in the box. After some deliberation, we agreed that the sticks should be bundled, with rubber bands, into tens. Those bundles later got collected into hundreds. And then the hundreds came together to form thousands. It turned out we had 3,025 craft sticks!

And then, at work time - some incredible block work!

From Tess: We had a snow day off! My mom wasn't there. My mom still had to work. She had to take the kids in her class, because she was a teacher, but my dad was still there. We played in the snow in the playground. We made a ramp at the bottom of the slide. The big slide. We went home and made hot chocolate with marshmallows. We also went to the ferry. I wrote a lot on the ferry.

From Caleb: I watched TV and played on my iPod. I played Madden Mobile 2. It was awesome! I went to Quinn's house, too. We had so much fun.

From Langston: I went to the museum of art. It was fun. I saw something with swirvy lines. I was surprised. I haven't seen anything so cool. I went close in to it. It was blue and yellow and gold. I got my family. They said "WOW!" We went home.

What can you do at home?

  • Describe! When you go someplace, think of delicious words to describe the scene. With all the snow on the ground, this is a great time, too.
  • Count! If you find large quanities of things at home or while you are out-and-about (pennies, rocks, sticks, cards, chips, jelly beans...) find out how many you have by grouping them first into tens.

Pipes, Towers, Water and More
Posted on February 3, 2017

This week was mostly about water. We have been learning the history of how New York City got (and gets) it's usable water. Originally it came from the kolch or Collect Pond, but that did not end too well. In science, we have been working with pipes and creating systems in order to move water through pipes.

We have also been working hard on some exciting adventure stories. We have created islands and made maps of them (those are almost finished), and now we are crafting stories of exploration. We are starting with drawings that will make a story board. These stories promise to be pretty incredible.

ConstructionWe ended this week (as we end most weeks) with an open Work Time. During this time, a team of architectural enthusiasts got involved in a huge construction project (the picture shows a part of it). Other students made bookmarks for the classroom, did finger weaving, created clothespin dolls and investigated our terrarium in a center we have (aptly) named Bugs Life because of the incredible amount of thriving life we have hiding under the deceptively calm surface. 

From Duke: We went to science. It was fun. We had to make funnels and pipes and things that are called knees, elbows, fire hydrants and also half fire hydrants.

From Emaricka: Yesterday we had science and we did pipes and were with the same teams as last time and Willa and Tess were my team and Willa's plan took so long that we could only do Willa's plan and we triend to do Tess's plan but we couldn't do it so we had to clean up and we had names for the plans - Plan A was Willa's plan and Plan B was Tess's plan and C was mine and Andrew picked three people to stay and help clean up and then we went back upstairs.

From Oliver: We had music with Jonathan. It was fun. I played a zylophone. It was fun. We played something that was called "Little Mouse" I think but I don't know. It was fun.

Things to do at home:

  • Talk about the history of water in New York. The kids know a lot, and the story is fascinating! Ask them!
  • Talk about how you use water now. How do you use water? How much water do you use? And take some guesses... Where does your water come from? How does it get up into your sink faucets? Where does it go when it gets into the drain?
  • Ask about the island adventure stories.
  • Talk about other real and imaginary islands and island adventures. Think about the whowherewhyhow of the stories.

Plants of the Forest and Desert
Posted on January 23, 2017

Think about your island. You probably have a forest. You might have a desert. Imagine what it is like in those places. Click the picture above. You will see pictures of forest and desert plants. Choose one plant that you might find on your island. Draw it and describe it.

Memories from the Week
Posted on December 16, 2016

We did islands with wax. It smelled like poo. We had music. The chair was not comfortable, but it was fun still. We did Christmas carols. It was fun. We finished our Galapagos island models. It was really fun. We flooded it. We had Austen's last day. It was sad. She gave us candy canes. They were yummy. We had computers. (Oliver)

We made islands out of wax. The wax smelled horrible. We went to music. Last night my brother woke me up. I said "What's wrong?" He said, "I barfed." My brother slept with my dad and I was so so so so so so so tired when I woke up! (Isa)

At Music we were singing Christmas music, and wee were dancing so fast. We stood and we sat on the chair. The chair wasn't comfortable for me and I wasn't feeling well. My neck was stuffy. And then I got up and then we left the music room. And we were taking for ever! (Simone)

This week I had recess in the gym. I was playing basketball. I was on DJ's team. We won. I was happy. Then we had lunch. I ate my sandwich. Then I swept the floor. Then I went upstairs. It was a long day and a fun day. Then we had dance in the auditorium. The we read "My Father's Dragon" and we put water in our islands. It was a very epic day, and we read the Galapagos story and we left. I went to after school. We went outside. My brother was there. I had fun. It was a loooong day. Next day, I stayed home with my brother. I got a haircut with my brother and my dad. Then I went home and I went to sleep. (Angel)

Naturalist School Memories
Posted on December 9, 2016

On my trip to Prospect Park I went bird watching.  I went for a  walk.  I saw a woodpecker.  The woodpecker was pecking the tree.  I love bird watching. (Cesar)

We went to Naturalist School.  I was in mapping.  We made maps.  I had the meter counter.  It was so fun.  We used compasses.  We went west to get out.  I had the best time ever. (Noa)

We went to Naturalist School.  I painted a picture.  I painted trees and a building.  I drew a duck.  I saw a swan and then it brought another swan.  I told Austen, "Once I got bit in the butt by a swan."  We had reading buddies.  My reading buddy read Magic Treehouse 11. (Isa)

On Wednesday I went to prospect Park.  I played with Saige.  It was fun because I got to see leaves with Saige, and Amy the Second Grade Teacher.  I had a lot of fun. We found 3 leaves. (Emily)