Another Memorable Week!
Posted on May 19, 2017

Today I went swimming and in the water I was swimming without a ... FLOATY!!!! And I went on the Brooklyn Bridge!!! I got scared but I did it! Also my mom came, too! And I was so very happy at home. I played and watched YouTube. THE END. (Gabriel)

We had bridge building. We built our towers. Then I built the approaches. And we went to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was hot and fun. (Milo)

This week we went to the Brooklyn Bridge. It had lots of trusses. In the middle of the bridge there were lots of cables and diagonal stays. I was very hot and very tired. (Nadirah)

On Wednesday we went to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked over it. On the bridge we chanted "Frank Farrington! Frank Farrinton!" And then we stopped. And then "Frank Farrington! Frank Farrinton!" all the way to the next tower. It was a fun trip. After that, we played tag, and then we went to school on the train. (Luca)

Weekly Memory
Posted on May 12, 2017

In class we are doing Georgia O'Keeffe paintings. I am working on a flower with acrylic paint, which is the over-painting. The under-painting is watercolor, which I am already done with that step. And I am not done with the acrylic paint, yet. I had to wear a different t-shirt on top of my white dress, so the paint would not stain the white dress. It was really fun fun fun! Now I want my own acrylic paint that I could use for my art, because I love art so much that I want to be an artist when I grow up, which won't be soon, because I am only eight years old, so, yeah. But I can still do art, because I love art! (Willa)

In Georgia O'Keeffe, I started my acrylic. It is soo hard, but soo beautiful. The color just shines out. Mine is going well, and it's cool, but there are some parts I do not like, but otherwise it is good. Andrew was at me and Cesar's table helping Cesar and talking in a French accent and going 'brrrrrrrr' in the paint. The end! (Sookie)

This week we did Chapters 4 and 5 in "Building NYC". In Chapter 4, Washington Roebling was extremely sick, so he called Emily Roebling and asked her to supervise the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Emily said "Yes." (Ike)

This week we went to DUMBO Park. We saw the Brooklyn Bridge, and we saw the Manhattan Bridge. I drew the Brooklyn Bridge, but I did not do the Manhattan Bridge, because I did not have time, and when we left we all wanted to go to the playground, but Andrew and Greta said we couldn't. (Oliver)

At DUMBO Park, we looked at bridges and drew them, too. We were trying to really get all of the details like the suspenders and the cables and the saddles and the achorage and the arch and little details on the deck, too. (Temujin)

This week we went to DUMBO Park. We saw a scene with two bridges (Brooklyn and Manhattan). They are both suspension bridges. We had to draw them. Then we could play. (Nate)

This week we had art with Paola. Paola is the art teacher. At art, we made cut out people. We got to draw on them. "This is awesome," I thought. I made my mom and me. (Gwendolyn)

Today we went swimming. My mom went on the trip. At the YMCA we dived for toys. When I came back from the bathroom it was almost done. "The jumping thing" I thought. So I just went in. It took a long time until the other kids got in. I got out late. We had lunch in the classroom. I was pretending that I had the bends. Then I filled my water bottle. (Luca)

Posted on May 9, 2017

The Gowanus Canal and Swimming (but not at the same time)
Posted on April 28, 2017

On Thursday we had a trip to the Gowanus Canal. The Carroll Street Bridge was a retractable bridge. The trip took too long! I was so happy when we got back. "This was long!" I thought. On the trip we had to bring out notebooks. So then we had drawing time. After that we had a meeting about swimming. (Luca)

This week we went on a trip in our neighborhood. We got to go to the 9th Street Bridge. Then we drew it. Then we saw the Gowanus Canal. Then we saw the 3rd Street Bridge and Carroll Street Bridge. My favorite was the Carroll Street Bridge. My second favorite was the 9th Street Bridge. Then, at lunch, I had a BLT. It tasted deeeeeeelicious. Then we walked to school. Emaricka fell down the stairs. It was a little funny. (Daniel)

We went swimming. It was so exciting. We did the free style and the back stroke. Then the guy let us jump in the deep end and swim all the way to the other side. When we started, we all had floaties. We went to the YMCA in Chinatown. When we were doing the free style, he called on me as a volunteer. Remember, we all had floaties on. Then I went back, and he said I could take them off. After we did the back stroke, we did this thing where we swam like half and a quarter of the pool. Then the other teacher went there. We high-fived her and then swam to the wall, and I passed two people. It was like a circle. When we got out, we took a shower. It felt warm on my back. (Sookie)

Today, me and my class went swimming. We took a bus to the swimming pool. We got there and we went out of the bus. The boys went in the boys locker room, and the girls went to the girls locker room. After the girls and boys took off their clothes, they went to the pool. The swimming teacher was telling us to stand on the wall, and before I went on the wall I had to wear a floaty. And then we sat down by the wall, and we put our feet in the water, and the teacher told us to kick our feet. And he told us to kick our legs even faster and even faster. I wet Noa and Saige, and Noa and Saige wet me. The teacher asked if we can do free style, and he chose Sookie, and Sookie got her floaty off. And the other teacher was going to choose the class one and two and three, and I was three. And when I went up, I got my floaty off and so did the whole class, too. And we did it one more time and one more time and then the teacher asked us if we can do a back stroke. And then we followed the teacher to the wall and around the wall. And then we went to the other side of the pool, and we jumped in once, and then we left. We went back to school. (Emaricka)

Work Time and Nate's Birthday!
Posted on April 21, 2017


This week in Work Time I was sewing. I'm making a monster in sewing. I am half way done. "This is cool," I thought as I was making the monster. I was sewing with Key and my friends Saige and Simone. It was fun. And Greta made a new choice in Work TIme. It is to build skyscrapers and bridges. Some of the bridges look really cool. (Emily)

At Work Time, I made the skeleton of the Chrysler Building. I built it with Emaricka. We used lots of tape and newspaper, too, and help, too. I thought it would take a long time, but we are going to build more stuff to put on it. (Temujin)

On Wednesday, we had Work Time. Me and Temu were a team. We were building a skyscraper and we drew the skyscraper and then we put the pieces together and then we taped the pieces together and the rest of Work Time was so much fun. (Emaricka)

Yesterday we had Nate's birthday. The cupcakes were the best part. (Cesar)

I like Nate's red velvet cupcakes. (Barack)

This week it was Nate's birthday. Nate is my classmate. He is very funny. "Yay! Red velvet cupcakes!" I thought. "Nate, this is a good birthday," I said. After the cupcakes, Nate's mom gave us dried mango. (Gwen)

On Thursday, it was Nate's birthday. We got cupcakes and dried mango. I liked the dried mango the most. Then we left. After I left school, I thought to myself..... "I wish I can have more dried mango!" (Saige)

Yesterday it was Nate's birthday. We were so excited. I was so wiggly I couldn't breathe. We had cupcakes. (Simone)

This week we were just coming back from Spring Break, so we only had school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So we had a short week. On Wednesday, we had PE and science. On Thursday, we had Nate's birthday. "Yum," I thought as I bit into a red velvet, two-bite cupcake. Then I asked, "Can I have more?" (Ike)